gather ’round, kids. story time!


Okay, people, OKAY!!!! I will tell you the story. Last time we spoke you heard about the rather typical happenings of our lives. Well, I had no idea that something HUGE was going to happen that night. But first: the back story (in his-and-her points of view, no less).

As you probably know, Mike and I have been together for quite a while. At that point it had been three years, five months, and 25 days. But who was counting? Well… me, and I was getting really sick of waiting for him to pop the big Q. I had expected the ring on more than one occasion (Christmas, during vacation, on a few walks…) and was more than ready to say yes. For a few months I had been randomly giving him crap about it, but by that time it was just about hourly. “Mike, when ya gonna do it? Mike, when are you going to commit? Mike, where’s my ring? Mike, pleaseeee.” (I am really persistant when I want something). His response was that I was still trying out and hadn’t made the team yet. HAR-HAR MIKE.

Sooo, I work in the evenings until 7:30, and as a result Mikey has taken over at dinner time. Usually I give him a menu/plan so he doesn’t have to think too much, or if he’s lucky I’ll prepare the meal so he can just heat it. But on that fateful night he decided to surprise me with our favorite sushi. He had it all laid out when I got home, along with a fortune cookie. *Pause* Looking back on it now I should have known something was fishy – pun intended. Sushi is Japanese and fortune cookies are Chinese. Clearly I was not thinking. And when I say “thinking” I mean “expecting a proposal.” *Unpause*  We had a lovely dinner and I (a girl who is rather un-fond of actually eating fortune cookies) just wanted to crack it open to read my fate. Maybe learn a new Chinese phrase. Little did I know…

I had bought the ring (which I had picked out myself) a month prior but had to wait for it to be made. A very long month, I might add of being badgered and bugged every night for me to propose. It had finally arrived and I hadn’t a clue on how to propose but I knew it had to be soon because our relationship depended on it. I decided to order in sushi from Jenna’s favorite place and slip “will you marry me?” into her fortune cookie even though sushi doesn’t normally come with fortune cookies. I luckily bought a whole bag of fortune cookies from the store because I broke about 7 trying to fish out the fortune and replace it with mine. And things went off without a hitch…

I picked up my cookie and waved it at Mike. “This would be a really cute way to propose,” I said while cracking it open. “In fact, I think I’ve seen it done for a baby announcement before… like ‘You’re going to be a grandma’ or ‘It’s a boy’ or something.” I looked down as I stopped yammering. Will you marry me? said the cookie and Mike at the same time. “NO” I gasped in disbelief. Had I just predicted my proposal?! More importantly, DID I REALLY JUST GET PROPOSED TO??!!!?? I seriously thought I was going nuts. Dilerious. Or seeing things. Maybe this wasn’t meant for me and I got some other lucky girl’s fortune. Then, Mike pulled the ring out of his pocket and stared at me. HELL YES I WILL MARRY YOU!!!!!!!!


happy happy joy joy

The rest of the evening was filled with kisses and happy tears and rehashing the story. We called our families to tell them the great news, and we popped a bottle of champagne.

If you had asked me that day I probably would have told you I was ready to curb stomp him because I was getting so. impatient. If you ask me now, I would tell you that it was worth the wait.



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