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now you see it, now you don’t


Okay, really. Who stole May? It seems like just yesterday I was complaining about the blizzard we were having at the beginning of the month, and now we are just a few short days from June. Well, I guess that means I should fill you in on the latest!

This month began with a visit from Abby and Jake. Abby and I got some major shopping done, Jake and Mike took a trip to Cabela’s, we all had some great food, and nobody broke up at IKEA. Other than our guests waking up on a totally deflated air mattress, I would say it was a successful weekend.

Mother’s day followed, and we spent time with my aunt Lisa and uncle Bill. Bill grilled lemon chicken and potatoes, we had honey curry salad, and it was all followed by Lisa’s lemon bars–yum! Since neither Mike’s nor my mom is close, and their girls (my cousins) are both living away from home, it was the perfect way for all of us to celebrate the day.

Abby and I decided we hadn’t seen enough of each other yet, so Minnie and I went down to Waterloo to keep her company while Jake was away on business. I got to see their new house, which is adorable and we had a great girls’ weekend: garage sale-ing, shopping, movie watching, and–of course–baking. I ended that trip a little sooner than I expected because I got a call from my good friend Jana, saying she’d be in town that weekend. Since she’s moved to Idaho with her man and baby, we don’t get to see her much. This was gold. I jumped on the opportunity and headed back to Cedar Rapids for the remainder of the weekend, and I am so happy I did. Ashley, Zip, Jana, and I caught up with each other and ended up staying until 4 in the morning, just like we did in the old days:) I also got to see my buddy Eli again, which is always a treat.

my pup and bub

so. much. happiness.

babies = perfection

babies = perfection

Speaking of treats, long weekends RULE. I know, I know. I only have a part time job. But Mike doesn’t, and I love being able to spend the extra time with him.

Friday night we kept low-key and stayed in, had a few drinks and watched The Hangover (ironic, no?). On Saturday, Mikey had a hankering to go fishing, so Minnie and I tagged along and we all headed to the river. It was a chilly afternoon, but fun nonetheless. We ended up in an area right by the dog park, so Minnie got to burn off a little energy too.

love me some minnie

i love me some minnie

what a catch!!!

what a catch!!!

That night we drove up to Mike’s aunt Lisa and uncle Willy’s place for a bonfire. His other aunt and uncle were there too, along with four cousins and a couple of dogs. Lisa fed us, Willy and the boys shot off some fireworks, and we all played some games. It was an all around great time, minus the rogue firework that almost killed us all. And between the teenage boys and the dogs, I think I have had my share of farts for the next century.

Sunday morning we were able to meet up with three more of Mike’s cousins and his cousin-in-law. They all are out-of-towners here to visit some friends, but were able to carve some time out for Mike and me. We went to Muddy Waters for brunch and ohmygosh you guys… YUM. They had the best food! And the coolest ingredients too. For instance, their french toast is served with lavender honey, and I ordered ginger peach waffles. Who thinks of that stuff? But it was gu-uh-ud! And they served about the largest/strongest coffees I’d ever seen, which was a nice little bonus. Sunday night we headed over to Andrew and Lindsay’s place for his birthday dinner. (Side note: Andrew and Lindsay are the couple we met in Dornbirn this year, and it is such a fun friendship to have. For all of us to get along so well, experience that lifestyle together, and end up living only 15 minutes away is an awesome one in a million chance. Admit it.) Annyway, it’s always a good time with them, so celebrating was a fun end to our Sunday.

Monday morning I headed out to breakfast with a few old friends at another new-to-me restaurant called The Lowry. Catching up with the girls was great, and luckily I hit another home run with my food: the breakfast burrito, hold the cilantro. I will be going back again, you can count on that. On my way home from breakfast, my aunt Lisa called and after we made a date to hang out with our pups, I loaded up my animal and Minnie in the car and we all met Lisa at the dog park. Lisa and I decided to split up from Mike, who was dying to try out a new fishin’ hole, and after that, things got a little hazy. We ended up on a sugar high and baking all day. Two kinds of brownies and homemade granola bars.


yep. this happened.

So other than the month whizzing by and me gaining eighty pounds this weekend, May has been great and pretty eventful. June’s got some big shoes to fill!


recent hap-nens


Time for a little update, no?

One of the projects Mike is working on right now is at St. Thomas Academy, an all-boy’s high school. They hold a fundraiser every year, and this year since Mike is helping with the renovation we, along with the other involved Opus employees and their dates, were invited. It was a really fun event and I was happy to meet some of Mike’s coworkers. There was a cocktail hour to start it all out, and after the booze was a-flowin’ and everybody was feeling generous they began the silent auction. Mike and two of the guys in his office won a guided fishing trip, but of all the thousand things I bid on I didn’t win a single one. No worries though, we participated in the cork draw and won a bottle of wine. Hip hip! The auction was followed by a fancy–and delicious–dinner. (Think asparagus wrapped in carrot slices, salmon AND steak, and shiraz-soaked baby pears). Let me repeat that. Shiraz-soaked baby pears. BABY PEARS, PEOPLE.

pre-baby pears, post-wine winning

pre-baby pears, post-wine winning

So Saturday night at the fundraiser was a blast. Then Sunday rolled around and we were invited by Mike’s aunt Sandy to an event that she was hosting, which included a meal and free entertainment. YES I realize that just sounded like Sandy danced on top of tables, NO that is not what I meant. (Though I have witnessed her shakin’ her thang tabletop before). What I meant was that after the meal portion of the evening was over, we all went to the Wild’s game. Go team!

This past weekend, Mike and I headed south. On Friday we drove to Ames for an alumni event that Mike was invited to. There, we had dinner and listened to a few speeches, and ditched a little early since we still had to drive to Cedar Rapids that night. My cousin Casey was married on Saturday (the main reason we went to Iowa). It was a beautiful and intimate ceremony with only family present. Cocktail hour started the reception off, then dinner, cake, pictures, and a bit of dancing. It was a really good time and was so nice to catch up with the family members who I don’t get to see often. Sunday morning I went out to breakfast with my best high school friends: Ashley, Ali, and Zip (and Kai!) and did some more catching up. We were only missing one–Jana–but she has been just a smidge too busy lately taking care of her beautiful new baby Landon to join us for coffee.

Speaking of babies, we made sure to set aside plenty of time to spend with the cutest little boy on the planet. Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod. He is just the most precious thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. And that HAIR.

that HAIR

if this face doesn’t give you baby fever, well… i just don’t know.

Now we’re back in Minneapolis just doing our day-to-day like normal folk. Yes, folk. Last night, we went to my aunt and uncle’s place for dinner and to watch the Wild play the Blackhawks to kick off the first round of playoffs. Minnesota lost, but… well let’s be honest, I care about it as much as I like the snow that is falling outside right. this. minute.


Why yes, it’s May 1st and still snowing here in Minnesota. We had three or four gorgeous days this week but now it’s back to the white stuff and 30 degree weather. Someone remind me why we moved here. Please.

Hopefully Mother Nature decides to turn it around again, because this weekend we are going to have company. Abby and Jake are coming on Friday (!!!!!!!). Though I’m sure we’ll have a blast and get up to something crazy, rain or shine. IKEA is on the to-do, along with drinking some jumbo margs (for Cinco de Mayo of course) and watching chick flicks. Mike and Jake are going to LOVE IT.