little canada livin’


Mike and I are back in the States.

I know it’s really old news. Like moldy, back-of-the-fridge, expired-last-year kind of old. But last time I wrote on here we had just celebrated Thanksgiving in Dornbirn, so I felt I needed a bit of a bridge to our most recent doings.

Anyway, Mike and I are back in the States. Minnesota to be exact. We’ve been here for about three months now and are really loving it (minus the fact that there is still snow on the ground and in the 7-day forecast).

Mike found a job with the Opus Group, a construction/real estate development company in Minnetonka, as an associate project manager. From what he tells me, he enjoys everything about working there: the people, the work, and (most of all?) the easy commute. I am just beginning a part-time job for our apartment’s property management. I will be doing after hours work in the leasing office: taking phone calls, getting packages, and dealing with residents.

As for what we’ve been doing with our free time? Well, we finally got ourselves a dog. HELL YEAH!!! And Minnie is her name-o. We got her from an animal rescue in Minneapolis, so we don’t know much about her history except that she comes from a shelter in Kentucky. They told us she is about a year old and is an English Pointer mix. She was pretty timid and weak when we first got her, but lately she’s become more lively/spirited (aka she chewed up my slipper and a towel the other day. Oh, she shit on the floor too… ahhh the joys of motherhood). She loves being around people and is starting to warm up to the idea of being friends–gasp!–with other dogs.

our precious little bitch

our precious little bitch

Mike has also been playing in a beer league to keep himself occupied on Wednesday nights. A few of his team members played with him at ISU and a third played in Dornbirn this year. Small world, huh?!  Actually, tonight is the championship game. Maybe Mike will come home a two-time champ…

Fingers crossed!

Update: the dog barfed all over upstairs. If there’s another incident in the next 24 hours she’s going back to the pound.


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