b-b-b-bird bird bird. bird is the word.


I bet you’re wondering how the feast went last week. Well, I couldn’t be happier about how our big Thanksgiving celebration turned out. To have a house full of friends truly warmed my heart and made the holiday special. And the food? Well, that was just the cherry on top.

I am also proud to announce that I didn’t completely dry out my turkey. What what!! Though I do admit there was a point when I thought the turkey wasn’t going to happen. It was right after I punctured the liver WITH MY FINGER and it spewed everywhere.

Let’s take a quick poll on how well you know me. After the liver exploded, I:
a. shrugged it off and continued cleaning the bird
b. laughed about it and threatened to throw the guts at Mike
c. went into hysteria

The answer is c, of course. C for crying. And cussing. Both of which I did, right after I gagged and dropped the turkey in the sink. I think I felt bad for him. He used to roam around some beautiful barnyard hittin’ on chicks—haha—and now his head was Godknowswhere and his liver was being jabbed by some psycho cook. Buuuuut of course the show had to go on. So I sucked it up and finished cleaning the poor bastard. And in his honor, I did not overcook him.

before “the incident”

After everyone went home, Mike and I sat down and began a new Thanksgiving tradition. Once a day, for the month leading up to T-day, we each wrote down something that we are thankful for and put it in a jar. We split them up and read each other’s out loud. It was a really nice way to end the day and to remind ourselves how blessed we really are.

I hope your Thanksgiving was just as wonderful as ours.


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