guess who’s back… back again


A lot of stuff has happened since I have last graced you with my presence. A LOT. And yet………nothing.

Confused? Mike was offered a contract with Linz for this season, but they ended up signing too many guys and didn’t have enough space on the roster to play Mike. Very, very frustrating. (This may or may not be where you would see a lot of cursing/trash talking if I wasn’t so afraid of burning bridges.) That meant that he couldn’t and wouldn’t play unless someone was injured for the whole season or if they released another player. Long story short (you’re welcome), we are now living in Dornbirn where Mike is on a long-term try out. He’s been playing regularly—games too—and has been doing really well. I’ve been rain-dancing daily in hopes that we stay :)

For my sanity and yours, I have compiled a very concentrated list of happenings. For now, we will skip the fluff and really get to the nitty gritty.

It all started on a warm and rainy Wednesday afternoon in 1988. At approximately 1:15 on October 19th, a savior was born.

Wait, wrong story. Here we go:

Summer came and went.
Said goodbye to friends and family; cried a little.
Packed my bags.
Cried a little more.
Got on a plane.
Arrived in Linz.
Moved into a hotel.
Climbed a mountain; almost died.
Watched hockey.
Moved to a tiny apartment: the dorm room.
Suffered in the dorm room.
Threatened to burn down the dorm room.
Bought four plants; killed all but one.
Went to the city gardens.
Went to the zoo; got attacked by an ostrich.
Welcomed Mike’s parents to town.
Watched more hockey.
Went to Steyr.
Moved to a better apartment.
Welcomed Mike’s aunt Sandy to town.
Ate a sardine; cried.
Went to Salzburg.
Went to Zell Am See.
Hiked atop a mountain.
Partied in a castle.
Went to Klagenfurt.
Met the Leblers’ best friends; became family.
Ate a lot of food.
Watched hockey.
Got food poisoning.
Said goodbye to aunt Sandy.
Learned to make strudel.
Got a call from the Bulldogs.
Moved to Dornbirn.
Lived in a Gasthaus.
Watched more hockey.
Said goodbye to Mike’s parents.
Moved into an apartment.
Made new friends.
Turned 24.
Carved pumpkins.
Became an aunt.
Knitted a blanket.
Went to Bolzano; got drunk.
Went to Verona; got lost.
Partied at the Martinimart.
Watched hockey.
Killed the last plant.
Wrote a blog post…

WELL, would you look at that? You’re all caught up! Four months in four minutes.

Happy Thursday to you. 


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  1. What an unexpected surprise! Was bored tonight…looking through my ‘bookmarks’ on laptop and with no expectation clicked on the schnitzel blog. YES! New story from our Jenna. Thx for making me smile tonight.

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