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celebrate good times, c’mon!


As I type this, I am admiring my “diploma” and humming Pomp and Circumstance. Why? Because this morning I passed my German language test. Aaaaaaccctually–modesty aside–I didn’t just pass my test, I got a 89% and a “sehr gut” from my instructor. HELL yes! They don’t call me “Bookworm” for nothin’.

Other than staring at my beautiful diploma, I’ve not done a lot today. I babied myself (Mike and I both came down with some awful cold the other day) and baked a cake. Then I ate the cake and babied myself some more.

Sorry this post is so lame, but I just wanted to let you all know that my test went well and I won’t be deported any time soon. Hip hip hooray!


free at last, free at last!


Why hellooooooooooo! I know I said I’d try to write more often, but I’ve been busy hosting friends/family for the past couple of days. Still, here I am writing for the second time this month. I think I deserve a little cred… no?

Last week, my cousin and her friend came to visit. For three days, we explored Linz, and on the fourth, we left for Vienna. On our first night, we went to an amazing performance – a pianist and a soloist – at the State Opera House. Wednesday was our busy day, with a trip to the Shönbrunn Palace, the Tiergarten Shönbrunn (the oldest zoo in the world), Stephansdom Cathedral, an art museum (where much of Gustav Klimt’s work is displayed), and finally, an opera. Woah.

Let’s just say my feet still haven’t fully recovered from all of the walking we did that day.

Nonetheless, it was full and fantastic… and the sleep that night was as equally delightful. The next day we decided to take it easy, so we took a “hop on, hop off” bus tour of the city and shopped for the rest of the afternoon. I headed home that night, and crashed as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Now, for the past day and a half, Mike and I have been enjoying the peace and quiet that comes with not hosting any company. And let me tell you: it is so nice. Don’t get me wrong, I loved having family and friends here for the holiday, but it’s been a full month since our little apartment has been void of guests. A MONTH, people!!!!

Thank God Almighty, we’re free at last.

The only responsibility I have for the next few days is to study for my German test. I have to take (and pass) it this week in order to get my visa/not get kicked out of the EU. No pressure. Really. Other than that, I am as free as a bird.

Speaking of birds, I didn’t take any pics on my trip to Vienna, so here are some from my parent’s visit instead.


dear ol' dad and me, during our visit to cesky krumlov

okayyyyyyy cutest parents EVER

my teahouse: ta jenna

happy as a clam fam

weird/long story short, my family has an obsession with oversized stuffed pigs

ca-yute... plain and simple

Chat soon, my peeps. Auf Wiedersehen!

december schmecember


WOAH. Okay first of all, no I’m not dead. And second of all, has it seriously been over a month since I’ve written on this thing!? My December was nuts with a capital N, so please forgive me. I will try my best to recap as much as I can without boring you all out of your skulls.

Early in the month, Mike and I celebrated two years together by going to the circus. “Back to your roots” I was told.

Then came the Christmas markets. AKA friends and lots of gluhwein.

Mid-December rolled around and the boys had another break from practice, so Mike and I joined some of our friends in Obertauern, an adorable ski town near Salzburg. We spent the weekend drinking, eating, and dancing. Nobody skied. For me, this was the best part of the trip. Really, Jenna? But you’re so coordinated and such a risk-taker. I can’t imagine you as anything but a natural on the slopes! Wrong. Let me let you in on a little secret: I suck at all sports. Last year’s ski trip ended with me knee-deep in snow, crying, and swearing at Mike. So ANYWAY, Obertauern was a ton of fun and a really nice break for Mike.

Two days after we came home from O-Town, Mike’s family arrived, and two days after that, mine did. The first full day we were all together, we traveled to Salzburg to visit the Christmas market, see the sites, and watch the Black Wings play. The following few days, I took my parents to see the Mauthausen concentration camp and Český Krumlov. Next was Vienna’s Christmas market, and then it was time for the Christmas celebrations to begin. On the 24th, the team opened the rink to the families of the players, so we all piled into the cars and headed for the ice. Most of the players and their families came. The rink was full and the whole thing was a lot of fun. That evening, we celebrated and had a wonderful meal: bratwurst, sauerkraut, and German potato salad (a Christmas Eve tradition for the Leblers). Oh, and lots of wine. The boys each opened one present and we played humdingers… completely embarrassing, but so much fun! On Christmas day, everyone lent a hand in making the meal. It went over very smoothly and all of the food tasted delicious. We opened presents and relaxed for the rest of the day. Two days later it was time to say goodbye to my mom and dad. Depressing, but I was only half awake (they left at 5 am) so there weren’t TOO many tears.

On the 29th, my friend Avery and I woke up early and took the train in to Innsbruck. There, we met a good friend of hers and her boyfriend. The four of us had a perfect day wandering around the town, a winter wonderland. On the train ride back, we drank and did crosswords.

Mike’s 25th birthday was the next day. To celebrate, he left town and I ate cake with my friends.

Kidding. Kind of.

The guys had an away game that day, so they left early in the morning. This left me to fend for myself (which is totally boring) so I went to the other girls’ apartments where we watched “Love Actually” (twice), ate cake, and gossiped.

On NYE, Mike’s family and I all went out for a celebratory birthday lunch. That night, we watched fireworks, played Mario Kart, and drank. Am I developing a problem?   

Sunday was the last night for the Ladies’ Charity (the raffle I mentioned here) and it was a huge success. All of the fans were supportive and had a good time, as did we.

And that pretty much sums up my month. Are you still reading? If you haven’t fallen asleep on your keyboard yet, I’m legitimately impressed. I’m starting to bore myself. I was going to write about why I’m boycotting New Year’s resolutions, but I think I’ll spare us all. Maybe I’ll get my act together this month and write MORE THAN ONE POST. Only time will tell.